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Upload images

1. Upload Images

Send us a few reference images or links to product pages.

Create your 3d models

2. 3D Model Creation

We produce assets and conduct quality assurance processes, all in-house

Approve And Use

3. Approve and Use

You review, accept, and start publishing 3D models and images

Modelry Platform Use Cases



Create an immersive experience across eCommerce channels through augmented reality and interactive product imagery.



Create 3D models that are ready for deployment in virtual worlds such as the Metaverse and Omniverse.

3D Ads

3D Ads

Order 3D assets for interactive ads for Meta, Google Swirl, Yahoo Carousel, and Snap AR.

Take a Deeper Dive Into the Modelry Platform

Scalable custom 3D modelling

Scalable Custom 3D Modeling

Easily order, manage, and publish custom 3D models, on-demand, through Modelry's self service platform.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Store, manage, distribute, and order new 3D assets with our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Built to handle complex 3D media requirements.

AR for eCommerce

AR for eCommerce

Let customers try-on, try-out, and interact with your products before they commit to purchasing. And see your returns rate plummet.

3D Viewer

3D Viewer

Let customers view products from any angle, spin them around for a 360-view, and zoom in and out for more detail. Increase add-to-cart rate by up to 50%.


less expensive than traditional photography


3D Models made for customers


hours saved managing creative assets

Modelry has a very robust 3D model revision platform, where you can upload the 3D model, point to certain things, and say “fix this, fix that”. I think that is a game-changer in this space, instead of emails or me having it to bring in Photoshop and point to certain things. That was really well done. And you have AR built directly into the platform, which is really nice because you can start to look at the use case of how you actually have it. - Vince Lebon, Founder, CEO, and Designer at Rollie Nation


We’ve known that Modelry were experts in the 3D model industry as they’ve established their leadership in the 3D model marketplace. Therefore, based on their many years of experience it was a no-brainer to get in contact and see if we could work together. - Buster & Punch

buster & punch

A single freelancer is really good for one or two shoes, but as we were looking to scale-up our projects and create more digital assets, this can only be done with a scalable organization like CGTrader. - Josef Trojan, 3D Designer Sportstyle Footwear, PUMA


The cost is a no-brainer. If you take the unit cost of 3D and amortize it from the initial vision through sampling, shipping, and finally, eCommerce, it’s a huge cost saving. So the return on investment is very easy to justify. - David McKenzie, Head of Design Sportstyle Footwear, PUMA


Modelry takes the hassle out of 3D modeling.
Order, review, and publish from one simple platform.

Modelry’s self service tool for 3D modeling gives you everything you need to deliver online shopping experiences fit for 21st century customers.