Accelerate Buying Decisions with an Interactive 3D Viewer

Let customers view products from any angle, spin them around for a 360-view, and zoom in and out for more detail. Increase add-to-cart rate by up to 50%.

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The highest-quality 3D experience
with a 360 product viewer

Open in AR
Open in AR
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Put the spotlight on your products with an HD 360 Viewer

HD 360 Viewer delivers the highest definition 3D experiences. Allow your shoppers to get a true sense of product quality with 360 product spins and peruse product details in high definition.

Plus, you can upgrade the viewer with augmented reality mode to give shoppers a chance to try before they buy.

Keep customers shopping, not browsing with mixed-reality 3D product viewer

Our interactive 3D Viewer helps you showcase products in a more engaging way. Making the shopping experience more compelling, helpful, and memorable is the best way to stand out in a crowded e-commerce landscape.

Demonstrate product functionality

Does your product have features or functionalities that are difficult to show with images? Create animations and quick product demos that highlight product functionality and unique design aspects.

Interactive workflows can be triggered on click, helping customers peer inside, move elements around, and see the items in action—all within a 3D Viewer.

Leave no angle unturned

When shopping in-store, we're used to getting our hands on the product – turning, tilting, stroking, and trying out.

An interactive 3D Viewer with a built-in AR mode allows you to recreate a similar shopping experience online, ensuring your customers have enough information to buy with confidence and don't return.

Open in AR
Open in AR
Scan the QR code for Augmented Reality

Customize your 3D Viewer
with advanced features


Initiate 3D inline viewer to load and present 3D files when the viewer is loaded

Change background

Customize background 3D viewer color to match your website style

Enable Animation

Play 3D animation and show control buttons to users


Rotate 3D model when the viewer is initiated

Transparency Mode

Switch to transparency mode for better product experience

Lock Floor

Limit camera movement to hide the bottom of the 3D model

Lock Ceiling

Limit camera movement to hide the top of the 3D model

Tone Mapping

Adjust lighting, shadows, and brightness balance

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Drive more organic traffic

Improve your organic search visibility, boost click-through rates and ensure customers get a compelling first impression when searching for your product category online.

Wrapped up and embedded in structured data, 3D models show up in search, allowing for more interaction and driving higher organic traffic to your product page.

We found that adding 3D solutions to our product pages at least doubled the amount of time a user spends on the page. This is a game-changer if you want your users to get to know your products better.

— Scott Washer, VP of e-commerce at Buster & Punch

Seamless integration works across all browsers and devices

Integrating our 3D model viewer on your website is easy – simply generate an embeddable code snippet within the Modelry platform and then copy-paste it into the backend of your e-commerce platform.

Plays nicely with:
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shopify cgtrader
webflow cgtrader
magento cgtrader
woo commerce cgtrader
wix cgtrader
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Modelry is the ideal solution to overcome barriers to the adoption of AR and VR across our online platform. It combines the full scalability, ease of implementation and efficient 3D model delivery that we require. We've decided this is the right platform on which to build our AR and VR customer strategy.

Juergen Schuster
Founder and CEO

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