Boost consumer engagement with virtual photography

Up to 10x cheaper than traditional product photos, 3D virtual product photography empowers retailers to reimagine digital merchandising.

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Turn a single 3D model into a rich product image library. It's this easy

Modern shoppers expect at least 8 images per product. Instead of staging, lighting, and photographing each item, you can:

Generate 100's of product images from a single 3D model

In any setting, environment, or angle

3D speaker image
Whitespace render
Whitespace render
Silo product shot
Silo product shot
detail and angle shots
Detail & angle
Life style
Lifestyle scene
3D product viewer

No photographer, no camera. How Virtual Photography changes the game


Create 100s of product variations from a single 3D model by adjusting design parameters, such as color, size or material.

Cost efficient

3D rendered images are about 10x cheaper to produce and can fully replace traditional photoshoots.


Easily reuse 3D renders in 3D viewers, configurators, AR shopping experiences, and lifestyle scenes.

Dramatically reduce production costs with virtual product photoshoots

Traditional product photoshoots are complex and expensive. Virtual 3D photography eliminates hassle like transportation, studio scouting, staging, lighting, post-production, and more – allowing you to produce thousands of photorealistic product images from any angle at a fraction of the cost.

traditional photoshoot image cgtrader
Traditional Photoshoot







starting from
Per single product shot
virtual photography image cgtrader
Virtual Photoshoot

Our 3D automagic system will turn your product photos into 3D product visuals

starting from
3D model
AR model
Get different angle silo product shots

As we move away from traditional photography to 3D product visualization, CGTrader’s highly photorealistic 3D models allow us to offer compelling brand experiences that drive sales, dramatically reduce buyer’s remorse and ultimately, redefine the concept of traditional retail.

Alex Hamilton
Head of Technology Innovation

Set the scene, spotlight your products' visual appeal and drive more sales

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catalog image cgtrader
catalog image cgtrader

How it works


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We create your 3D models

We do all the heavy lifting and produce the assets.


Approve and use

You review, accept and start distributing your 3D models!

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