From Fortnite to Decentraland, the digital realms that make up the Metaverse are becoming major eCommerce players. And with customers steadily embracing digital worlds, Metaverse commerce is only likely to become more important for sellers of all varieties. This blog explains why creating 3D assets for the Metaverse matters, and how forward-thinking brands can gain an advantage with CGTrader’s help.

The Metaverse: A new frontier for online commerce

3D models for the Metaverse matter because the consumers are increasingly migrating to digital spaces to socialize, play, and even shop.

Recent years have seen a rapid expansion in the popularity and scope of digital realms. Gaming domains like Fortnite and Minecraft have boomed, while sprawling digital worlds like Decentraland and the Sandbox have also appeared. All of them integrate in-world purchases of digital content, and some link to physical purchases as well.

The digital world we see at the moment is just the tip of the iceberg. As these realms expand, companies will need to keep up with the trend, offering digital experiences that serve Metaverse users.

Converting existing images to fully interactive 3D models is one way that brands can respond. But it’s also possible to purchase large quantities of existing 3D assets via the CGTrader Marketplace. These assets can be used in Metaverse settings, giving businesses a head start when crafting a digital identity.

From Second Life to VR worlds

Virtual worlds aren’t new. In fact, the building blocks of the Metaverse were laid down in the 2000s. Games like Second Life fused web technology with cutting edge 3D graphics, creating totally new gaming experiences.

However, Second Life peaked with around 1 million registered users and 60,000 active daily visitors. Today’s Metaverse platforms are far larger.

Roblox has approximately 54 million daily users. 24 million people log onto Fortnite every day, while Minecraft attracts a massive 140 million daily users. Total user numbers also show some impressive trends, with Fortnite enrolling over 100 million new users in the year 2019-20.

Industry experts anticipate Metaverse revenues of $800 billion by 2024, with steady 13.1% year-on-year growth. At the same time, 9.86 million VR headsets were shipped worldwide in 2021, and sales of 14.19 million were projected for 2022.

Ordinary people are becoming more familiar interacting with Metaverse domains and gaming environments. In the process, they are increasingly purchasing the tech needed to dive even further into these digital worlds.

Remodel your Business to Capitalize on Metaverse Opportunities

What does this mean for eCommerce businesses? The Metaverse is likely to be the dominant platform for gaming and eCommerce in the medium term. And these mediums will also be the source of growth in competitive markets.

Companies will need to populate relevant digital worlds with assets that appeal to users. This could mean creating custom made models from scratch, or leveraging existing 3D models. In any case, brands will need to embrace 3D as a way to entice and engage Metaverse users.

Experiences will need to focus on what users demand. They will need to be personalized and relatable, highly flexible, and easy to use. And the quality levels of models and digital products will need to be high. That’s sure to be a key battleground as brands compete on the new digital frontier.

The consequences of delaying and standing aside will be severe. As customers become used to life in the Metaverse, they will expect brands to adopt immersive shopping and marketing techniques. And while Metaverse commerce isn’t dominant in the current market, now is the perfect time to start adapting.

Source the 3D models you need from the CGTrader Marketplace

3D models can be used in Metaverse or Omniverse settings in a number of ways. 

They can be combined with NFTs to create unique digital garments or items. They can generate immersive environments to explore, or venues for events. They can showcase physical products for visitors to browse. And they can simply promote branding via visual hooks.

Virtually any products can be converted to Metaverse-friendly 3D models, and you can also source models from existing libraries. The CGTrader Marketplace is the best place to look, offering millions of models that are ready for use online.

Our models can be used in gaming environments or digital stores. They can integrate with apps and 3D adverts, and be tailored to appeal to any audience. 

As CGTrader CEO Dalia Lasaite puts it, the Metaverse “is a groundbreaking solution for collaboration across all types of users, and the need for 3D content is growing exponentially.” 

“Our goal as a global leader in 3D, is to provide that content quickly and efficiently” and we can do that for all types of commercial partners.

Boost engagement and brand loyalty, discover new ways to make sales, and adapt to the coming Metaverse age. Or commission custom libraries of 3D assets to make product ranges fit for the future. Get in touch with our team and we’ll explore the Omniverse and Metaverse together.

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3D Assets: Your First Step into The Metaverse

Sarunas Vendelskis is the Head of 3D Modeling at CGTrader. Sarunas is a highly skilled 3D expert with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Besides leading a 3D team and implementing the latest 3D solutions at Modelry, Sarunas loves good food and traveling – and that’s why your journey with our 3D modeling services will be unforgettable.

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