Amazon has become an essential marketplace for small and large retailers across the world. The problem is, standing out from the crowd can be tough – especially when companies operate in sectors with stiff competition.

Finding a compelling way to sell on Amazon Marketplace can be challenging,and strong visuals are always part of the solution. 88% of shoppers cite clear product images as the most important part of the online shopping experience. What you sell on Amazon matters, but how it looks is equally important.

Similar to eCommerce stores and digital advertising, sellers are using 3D to create distinctive offerings. In this case study, we’ll examine how supplements retailer Hello100 worked with CGTrader to boost their Amazon profile.

Background: Supplementing Hello100’s Amazon Efforts

Hello100 specializes in innovative longevity supplements, and Amazon accounts for a huge chunk of the company’s revenues. However, the supplements sector is known for its high level of competition and specific demands.

Even when companies provide detailed information about the properties and composition of their products, customers can choose between many similar brands. And product descriptions must also be carefully composed to meet Amazon’s selling regulations, adding extra challenges for retailers to handle.

Customer reviews and snappy descriptions can help, but innovative sellers need more impressive ways to separate themselves from the herd. That’s exactly why Hello100’s CEO Ignas Kamantauskas reached out to Modelry.

Challenge: Visualizing Hello100’s Containers 

Hello100 had two major aims in adopting 3D images. First, they wanted Hello100’s marketing to be more appealing while making the brand more trusted and credible by providing a high-quality customer experience.

3D models of Hello100 containers offered a potential solution, and using them made sense for a couple of reasons.

Packaging and labeling of longevity supplements are equally as important as textual information on the Amazon page, customer feedback and prices. Therefore, having a 3D model that would not only have a clear label display but could also be easily updated in the future, was an absolute necessity.

Images also make an immediate impression on browsing Amazon customers. No matter what you are selling, all Amazon products must be visually appealing to make an impact. And in the case of supplements, customers want to know that the physical container is well-made, protected from children, and can fit neatly into cabinets or bags.

2D images are generally used to achieve these aims. However, static photography can be problematic:

  • High-quality photography is expensive compared to 3D modeling.
  • Photographic images cannot be easily changed after capture.
  • Still images cannot be smoothly integrated into videos or 3D ads for use on other platforms such as Facebook

All of this made 3D modeling a much more economically appealing solution to create content. Moreover, tools like Modelry Connector enable companies to easily move 3D assets between platforms, as required, and crafting cross-platform campaigns becomes much easier.

Solution: Turning 2D Supplement Bottles into 3D Models

A range of factors made 3D the ideal solution to Hello100’s problems:

  • Creating high-quality 3D models is much more affordable than commissioning professional photographers. In the case of Hello100, after inquiring with photographers, they realized the cost of photography would be 400% more expensive than ordering a 3D model. 
  • 3D models can be zoomed and rotated, providing customers with new ways to view supplement containers. Buyers can view labels and the shape of containers, setting Hello100’s store apart from competitors.
  • Models can also be edited and reprocessed easily when changes are required in ways that static photographs cannot. This can help to adapt images for different regulatory environments, adding or removing relevant information from product labels. 
  • Choosing 3D also has some useful marketing implications for cross-platform selling with partners. As Ignas says, “you can share 3D models with your external partners and they can make adjustments according to your needs.” Asset management tools like Modelry Connector open up plenty of options for Instagram or Facebook marketing.

3D modeling was new to the brand and for that reason, Ignas took a cautious approach - trialing the idea on a smaller scale first. He asked the CGTrader team to create a single 3D bottle prototype to explore the system’s potential. 

If all went well, 3D models could then be scaled up rapidly to include all of Hello100’s supplement containers.

Outcome: A New Side to Supplement Marketing

An expert 3D designer from the CGTrader team created a 3D supplement bottle which accurately recreated its physical counterpart. This model was immediately ready for deployment on the Hello100 Amazon Store and could be rotated and zoomed at scale. Additional information could also be added if needed, without the need for a full redesign.

In the future, 3D modeling will replace Hello100’s 2D images, adding an extra dimension to the brand’s Amazon reselling strategy and make it easier for customers to find products they need.

Better images and information will boost Hello100’s online credibility. 3D images will make its supplements more appealing, and avoid hefty investments in traditional photography and video production. A huge win for an international seller that needs to balance quality and costs.

Modelry is the ideal partner for large or small Amazon resellers that want to explore 3D. Get in touch with our team and we’ll find a way to harness the platform’s potential.

For more information on Hello100, please go to hello100.com.

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3D Modeling for Amazon Resellers: Helping Hello100 Stand Out

Haidi Kelly is the CMO at Modelry. Formerly at WeWork, Haidi loves the challenges the B2B space brings. Excited about the transformative power of digital assets and content in eCommerce, Haidi helps individuals, teams, and companies reach their full potential. In her downtime, she is also a foodie, world traveler, and enjoys live music.

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