Few commerce companies can afford to ignore the 3D and AR revolution sweeping the industry. From drastically reducing return rates through augmented shopping to boosting online conversions, 3D is the secret sauce behind your competitors' success.  

Early adopters such as IKEA, Nike, and Apple are credited for paving the way for brands of all shapes and sizes to follow. Another key factor is the continued technological progress. Now more accessible and affordable than ever, mainstream 3D adoption is finally here. 

Most will have already identified these trends, but what they lack is proper insight into how and where to start. Without a roadmap to guide them forward, many brands are struggling to align and execute on their 3D goals. And that’s exactly where we come in. 

With over 15 years of experience delivering best-in-class 3D models and solutions to clients around the world, we are excited to announce our newest whitepaper: a complete, step-by-step guide for any commerce company looking to create a winning 3D commerce strategy.

Who should read this whitepaper 

This whitepaper is aimed at brands that are looking to get started with 3D, as well as those companies who have already tested the waters and are now in the process of building out a longer-term, sustainable 3D strategy for their business.

What you will learn 

In addition to guiding you through the proven steps to follow, we will also cover what you need to know before getting started. Everything from how to select the right 3D partner for your business, to the various use cases and benefits of 3D in commerce. Preparing you to go from POC to scale without a hitch.

Key takeaways:

  • The facts and data behind the growth in 3D and AR adoption 
  • Top 5 commerce-specific use cases of 3D
  • How to go from getting started to building a sustainable strategy 
  • How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls
  • And other key considerations to set you up for success!

How to download the whitepaper

To access our whitepaper, simply follow this link, complete the form, and the PDF will be emailed straight to you. 

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to our expert 3D team.

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Modelry announces a new whitepaper for commerce brands looking to innovate with 3D

Haidi Kelly is the CMO at Modelry. Formerly at WeWork, Haidi loves the challenges the B2B space brings. Excited about the transformative power of digital assets and content in eCommerce, Haidi helps individuals, teams, and companies reach their full potential. In her downtime, she is also a foodie, world traveler, and enjoys live music.

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