CGTrader joins AWE 2021 as a proud Silver sponsor leading the Retail, eCommerce & Advertising track. This discussion track will be exploring the ways brands are leveraging AR/XR for increased engagement, sales, and personalization in both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar operations.

Covering the topic of “lessons learned from converting thousands of products to 3D and AR,” we are excited to be joined by one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers, Ashley Furniture, to discuss their decision to fully shift away from traditional photography to 3D modeling.  

Although the company identified CGI as one of the focus areas for their $1 billion investment in digital transformation, the sheer scale of the initiative presented numerous challenges and unknowns. From rewiring the entire organization to work with 3D to building out QA processes at scale, converting thousands of products to 3D and augmented reality required a radically different approach.

Join Dalia Lasaite, CEO at CGTrader, and Bethany Foose, Senior Director of Digital Asset Services at Ashley Furniture Industries, to learn how the two companies came together to build a streamlined, scalable 3D production pipeline that made the transformation possible.

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Ashley Furniture to join CGTrader at AWE 2021 to share lessons learned from converting thousands of products to 3D and AR

Dalia Lasaite is the CEO and co-founder of CGTrader, the world’s leading provider of 3D content and visualization solutions. Dalia joined the company in 2015 and has been instrumental in growing the CGTrader community, including highly skilled professional 3D designers, which now tops 3.9 million. Outside of the office, Dalia loves spending time mentoring other startups. Experience-led solutions are what CGTrader is built on.

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