CGTrader is proud to have powered ADORNO to deliver a high quality 3D experience to their Virtual Design Destination launching at the annual London Design Festival.

“In such times, when the world is forced to change the way it has been functioning for a while, it’s very important to find good alternatives fast. As 3D modeling experts, we are able to create realistically looking art of any form. Designers only provided us with some snapshots of their beautiful contemporary pieces, and our 3D designers' community realised their projects in a digital format” - Marius Kalytis, co-founder of CGTrader.

12 - 20 September, 2020

The New Reality
This year, the Virtual Design Destination by Adorno will be the place to discover fourteen curated country collections of collectable design during the London Design Festival, featuring more than 200 exclusive pieces. The theme for this year's first Virtual Design Destination by Adorno is “The New Reality”.

Preparations for “The New Reality” were initiated during the surge of COVID-19 in Europe. The curators of the fourteen participating countries have been asked to reflect on specific experiences, thoughts, and themes from the time of lockdown in the curation and art direction of each of their country collections. They have been working with their local designers at the intersection of craft and design to develop sub-narratives to the overarching theme, including gender, urbanisation, climate, isolation, and healing, among others. Using design as a tool for change, “The New Reality” pursues effective and innovative solutions, bringing different knowledge and experiences together through design to investigate what our new reality is.

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VIRTUAL DESIGN DESTINATION by Adorno: Icelandic collection

A Truly Interactive Virtual Exhibition

As a digital-first online gallery, Adorno has set out to revolutionise the way we experience design and art online. Working with a skilled team of 3D developers and artists, the aim is to take the term “online exhibition” to the next level. Virtual Environments are often showcased as simple images or videos, but, for the Virtual Design Destination, Adorno will use the latest technology to make these environments fully interactive. Adorno has partnered with the pixel streaming platform Furioos to provide real-time rendering from any browser or VR headset, making it possible for visitors to freely navigate around immersive, country-specific environments to experience the 125 pieces from 14 countries that have all been modeled in 3D. Visitors will even be able to meet the designers through integrated video interviews. Last, but not the least, visitors will be able to experience more than 100 pieces in their own homes by enabling Modelry Immersive Augmented Reality Player to place the objects in their surroundings with a smartphone.

Augmented Reality trends 2021
VIRTUAL DESIGN DESTINATION by Adorno: Lithuanian collection


Adorno is a digital gallery for the best of collectible design and craft from around the globe lead by partners Kristian Snorre Andersen (CEO), Martin Clausen (CTO), and Jimmy MacDonald (CFO).

Selected by a network of on-the-ground curators in major design cities, Adorno collections provide a unique insight into the world’s diverse creative communities – and celebrate the work of the designers shaping them. Each collection showcases only unique or limited-edition contemporary works, spanning the fields of furniture, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, and design-art. With each collection launch, Adorno adds a new chapter to the global design story.

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Building a fully interactive 3D Virtual Exhibition

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