CGTrader is excited to announce that we are creating a more seamless experience for NVIDIA Omniverse users with a marketplace for USD assets. This expands our previously announced support for Omniverse and means that users will no longer need to leave the Omniverse to download compatible 3D assets. 

This effort is achieved via a custom API integration that will provide models through downloads in Omniverse Apps directly. There are now over 7,000 Universal Scene Description (USD)-based 3D assets accessible from CGTrader in the asset browsers within Omniverse Apps.

"As the Omniverse ecosystem grows, meeting the demand for content is a major factor in scaling the platform, and CGTrader is a natural fit for the collaboration,” said Dalia Lasaite, CEO and Co-Founder at CGTrader. “CGTrader is a global industry provider of 3D and digital content, with an unrivaled designer community to deliver the scale, know-how, and quality of assets to Omniverse users."

It’s easier than ever to be a digital content creator and designer with the NVIDIA Omniverse, a virtual world simulation and collaboration platform for 3D workflows. 

The Omniverse simplifies the creative workflow by enabling real-time operability between apps and removes the antiquated need for export/import of files. Users import and export once, with no data prep required, and beautiful, high-fidelity models can be instantly shared to any device with one click. 

"The next era of artistry, design and virtual world building is here, with effortless, smooth 3D workflows and real-time operability all in one place: Omniverse,” said Richard Kerris, Vice President, Omniverse development platform at NVIDIA. “Democratizing 3D digital creation and design requires deeper interoperability of streamlined connections between tools and assets, like those from CGTrader. Our customers will be more productive because of them."

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CGTrader Expands Integration With NVIDIA Omniverse

Dalia Lasaite is the CEO and co-founder of CGTrader, the world’s leading provider of 3D content and visualization solutions. Dalia joined the company in 2015 and has been instrumental in growing the CGTrader community, including highly skilled professional 3D designers, which now tops 3.9 million. Outside of the office, Dalia loves spending time mentoring other startups. Experience-led solutions are what CGTrader is built on.

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