CGTrader is thrilled to announce we are a chosen partner by Meta to receive alpha access to Meta’s augmented reality (AR) API for 3D ads. The integration will help to automate the 3D ads process for Facebook, and later, Instagram, and provide Meta’s clients with a healthier return on their advertising investment.  The first step to running 3D, interactive advertisements is a 3D model and CGTrader can provide 3D visuals at scale.

The integration with Meta is one we at CGTrader are really excited about. Meta has been a great partner and we’re honored to have been selected to develop a fully-automated system for 3D ads that will live in the metaverse. We also view this integration as a huge opportunity for brands to see a greater return on their advertising expenditures by enhancing the user experience. Dalia Lasaite, CEO and Co-Founder, CGTrader

Now with our custom API integration with Meta, brands can seamlessly carry their digital assets and creatives directly over to Meta without the need for reformatting. After transforming 3D models into 3D ads, products will be able to be viewed from various angles as the user interacts with the ad unit, enhancing the user experience.

Previously, brands looking to get into the 3D advertising space would need to develop 3D models on one platform, and then re-format those files for compatibility with Meta’s ad platform. 

As we continue to build for the metaverse, Meta remains committed to helping businesses achieve their objectives by reaching the right people and engaging with customers — today and in the future,” said Chris Barbour, Meta Reality Labs Director, AR Business Development and Partnerships. “AR advertising and trying on mobile across Meta’s apps are already giving people an easy way to preview products in their space or on their person and purchase without ever leaving their app. In a way, this offers a glimpse of what you might expect on future devices like AR glasses. Chris Barbour, Meta Reality Labs Director, AR Business Development and Partnerships

Want to know more about how we can help you create 3D ads for Facebook? Speak to our sales team today. 

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CGTrader Now Integrated With Meta on 3D Ads Creation

Dalia Lasaite is the CEO and co-founder of CGTrader, the world’s leading provider of 3D content and visualization solutions. Dalia joined the company in 2015 and has been instrumental in growing the CGTrader community, including highly skilled professional 3D designers, which now tops 3.9 million. Outside of the office, Dalia loves spending time mentoring other startups. Experience-led solutions are what CGTrader is built on.

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