With each passing day, it’s getting more and more difficult to capture the users’ attention.

That is why brands around the globe are investing their time, money, and effort into creating as unique campaigns as possible.

The problem is that most businesses go for traditional photoshoots. However, in this case, placing a product in front of a white wall no longer serves. Hence, there is a need to create something extraordinary and not seen before. Something that is, more often than not, is very expensive and time-consuming.

For instance, if a furniture brand wants to market its products creatively, say, place a sofa in the middle of a forest or a remote island, that would usually cost a lot of money. In some cases, it would be impossible.

That’s where 3D rendering comes in! With powerful technologies, marketers can now place their products nearly anywhere - beach, Amazon rainforest, desert, etc.

And the best part is that doing so saves resources like time, money, equipment, and team.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss the limitless ideas you can create with 3D rendering by looking at some of the best creative campaigns.

IKEA - taking the lead in 3D rendering implementation


When it comes to innovations in eCommerce, IKEA has always stood out as one of the earliest adopters of the latest technologies.

Back in 2017 when IKEA launched its AR app, IKEA Place, which enabled its customers to virtually place true-to-scale 3D models in their homes before spending the money.

In its  450 stores worldwide, IKEA offers 9,500 products. Therefore, the company needed a smart and efficient way to market its products.

To do that in-house instead of hiring an external partner, IKEA founded its agency called IKEA Communications AB that is currently responsible for creating and producing IKEA’s campaigns. One of the main parts of this company is making 3D renderings.

The company now has a dedicated team that uses powerful equipment to create hundreds of photorealistic renders daily.

How does that translate in numbers?

All of that means that the company has nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to creating their campaigns.

For instance, in 2019, Spanish Agency Publicis Spain released IKEA’s Real life series campaign that featured three iconic family rooms from TV that most of us know by heart, furniture with the IKEA’s furniture only.

The agency chose rooms inspired by:

  • Friends;
  • The Simpsons;
  • Stranger Things.

It took two months to prepare the campaign and match all the 3D renderings to the fictional rooms, but the efforts paid off.

The campaign originally ran in the UAE, but it also received international attention due to the use of smart 3D rendering technology that enabled the brand customers to feel how their favorite TV characters lived.

For its 2021 online catalogue, IKEA went out of their way to ensure interacting and enjoying visual experience for their customers.

By opening up a catalogue, users can play a mini-game to test their skills and make the new edition of the IKEA Catalogue fly to a real tree house decorated by IKEA’s interior design team.

To create this interactive catalogue, the team combined:

  • large amounts of static 3D images;
  • pre-rendered sprites;
  • code-generated animations.

Additional steps from the IT team were key to ensure the catalogue ran smoothly for both desktop and mobile.

The main goal of this interactive 3D rendering project was to encourage IKEA’s customers to choose a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living at their homes.

ADORNO- virtual art exhibition in collaboration with Modelry

Adorno is a digital gallery that showcases the best collectible design and craft from all over the world. The company was founded back in 2016 by Kristian Snorre Andersen and Martin Clausen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Adorno focuses on providing unique artwork collections that are contemporary and, in a way, challenging in terms of design.

To take their digital gallery experience to the next level, in 2020, Adorno partnered up with CGTrader to build a fully interactive 3D Virtual Exhibition Virtual Design Destination, launched at the annual London Design Festival.

Beforehand, the Adorno team provided CGtrader designers with pictures of their art pieces to convert them into 3D renderings and showcase them in the exhibition.

Adorno named this collection The New Reality and included over 200 exclusive pieces to it. As the virtual exhibition took place amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it sought to reflect modern and innovative solutions for the new normal.

Being the digital-first online gallery, Adorno aimed to set a new standard for virtually how the audience experiences design and art.

At the Virtual Design Destination, the Adorno team also collaborated with the pixel streaming platform Furioos that enabled real-time rendering from any browser or VR headset. With that, visitors could navigate around different environments and experience the art pieces in 3D with no limitations.

As a cherry on top, due to the partnership with Modelry, the exhibition’s visitors could view over 100 design and art pieces in the comfort of their homes by placing the collection pieces in their rooms with an Immersive Augmented Reality Player.

GARDEN OFFICES, inspired by popular TV series and movies


UK-based HouseholdQuotes designers took a creative approach to the work-from-home situation most of us are now in.

Using 3D renderings they created 6 garden offices, inspired by these beloved TV series and movies:

  • The Office (US version) - Michael Scott’s office;
  • The Simpsons - Mr. Burn’s office;
  • Mad Men - Don Draper’s office;
  • Bridgerton - Duke of Hastings’s office;
  • Parks and Recreation - Parks and RecreationLeslie Knope’s office;
  • Harry Potter -Dumbledore’s office.

As so many of us find comfort in our favorite TV series and movies, this rendered images project is aimed to encourage us to bring some of that fun from the screens to our workspaces.

Creative 3D rendering projects born during the pandemic: Sonora Art Village & Invisible Cities

3D rendered basketball yard
3D renders of imaginary community in Mexico were created with the intention to help people escape to another reality during the global pandemic. (Source: Dezeen)

Moscow-based architect Davit Jilavyan and 3D designer Mary Jilavyan started creating 3D renderings of an imaginary community in Mexico during the global pandemic.

The computer-generated images feature bright and colorful buildings inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragán and Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

The main goal of this 3D rendering project is to enable people to escape to another reality while staying surrounded by the walls of your home.

Artists Camille Benoit and Mariana Gella from London created a similar project, called Invisible cities, inspired by Italo Calvino’s book of the same name. Artists created the models first on paper and later used 3D software to choose the right size for their cities.

As the creation of this project also took place during the Covid-19, the main idea behind the work was to inspire others to escape to another reality, and 3D technologies helped to do that just perfectly.

Modelry - your partner for creative renderings & 3D visualization

Altogether, 3D renderings are powerful tools to take your creative campaigns to the next level!

With render images, marketers can save their team, money, and human resources. And the real-life examples mentioned above only prove this technology’s potential.

If you want to see similar results for your brand, reach out to our team!

Modelry creates photorealistic renders for product shoots, lifestyle scenes, product launches, creative campaigns, and we would be more than excited to help you out! Contact us today to learn more

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