In our recent whitepaper, we looked at how 3D immersive advertising is shaking up online marketing, providing customers with a new level of interactivity and control.

Ads featuring 3D modeling allow customers to rotate and resize products. Buyers can see items in real-world situations via augmented reality apps. They can easily add 3D ads to websites, social media feeds or search engine campaigns. There’s so much potential to unlock with the right 3D modeling partner.

Thanks to Modelry, harnessing 3D advertising is within any company’s reach. If you want to exploit the potential of immersive 3D technology, our custom 3D modeling portal is the ideal solution. With a few clicks, any business can build libraries of 3D assets to give their advertising content a new lease on life.

Industry powerhouses launch 3D and AR ad campaigns to captivate their target audience

3D technology makes a vast range of advertising experiences possible, with applications in almost any business sector. Customers are given the power to look inside furnishings, restyle footwear, and apply AR to see vehicles parked outside their own homes.

Immersive 3D ads are available right now, and there’s no shortage of use cases to supply inspiration. We’ve already seen brands like Adidas, Jaguar, Nike, and Michael Kors adding 3D ads to their strategies.

In all cases, data suggests that the investment was worth it. Sneakers brand Champs Sports reported an 8% Snapchat sharing rate from their 2020 “Refresh Your Game” campaign featuring an AR try-on tool. Google Swirl ads created by Adidas for its Ultra Boost 2019 collection quadrupled engagement rates and sent viewing times soaring.

Champs Sports is the first sportswear retailer to offer virtual try-ons of sneakers using a new technology in Snapchat. The augmented reality (AR) experience has seen an average share rate of 8% among users of the photo-messaging app, which is five times higher than the benchmark for average retailers. announcement Snap shared with Mobile Marketer

Brands see ad performance skyrocket not only from 3D’s immersive nature, but from its ability to personalize the user experience.  Thanks to configurability, customers can change the color, pattern, and texture of certain product aspects. For instance, on a pair of sneakers, the user can instantly pick out a specific soul, fabric, and lace, without ever having left the ad.  This unparalleled personalization not only boosts engagement rates, as Adidas saw, but conversion rates and customer loyalty.

How to plan your 3D & AR ad campaign

Before ordering any 3D assets, take some time to plan the scope of your 3D ad campaign. Choose the right platforms to host immersive ads, considering where to reach your target audience. Sometimes, targeted Snapchat filters will be most effective, while you can tap into organic search traffic via Google banner ads.

The next stage is thinking about how to use your 3D models. Will ads aim to drive click-through rates and conversions, or will they generate buzz and brand engagement? Set out a few metrics to assess ad performance so you can calculate return on investment as the campaign develops.

The process of ordering 3D modeling with Modelry is quick and intuitive. When you’ve planned your campaign, supply 2D photos of products to model along with data about textures, colors, and dimensions. Our community of expert 3D modelers will do the rest.

Use our custom integrations to deliver ads straight to your chosen platform and monitor engagement metrics as traffic starts to flow. Keep track of click-throughs, time spent on ads, and sharing data. You’ll be amazed by the differences compared to conventional 2D advertising.

Ad creation is easy with the right custom 3D tools

At CGTrader, we want to empower clients to create the most dynamic, engaging, and successful ad content possible. That’s why we’ve created Modelry– a platform to convert 2D photos into functional 3D models quickly, affordably, and from the convenience of your device. It’s the ideal starting point for launching a 3D strategy.

Our modeling service harnesses a massive global community of expert modelers. This network ensures high-quality outputs, guaranteeing high-fidelity recreations of original assets. And it also allows us to deliver 3D models at scale to tight timescales. If you need to create a library of 3D garments for a seasonal launch, it’s easy to do so.

Customers can order models to the specifications required, be it for the Metaverse, AR, or eCommerce. Whether you need a high poly or low poly portfolio, our wide menu of options and features caters to any of your 3D campaign needs. 

Modelry also handles publishing, providing stress-free ways to integrate 3D modeling with major ad platforms. Benefit from custom integrations with Google Swirl, Yahoo Carousels, and Meta (including Facebook and Instagram) or combine models with Snapchat filters if desired.

With an automated quoting system, you are provided clear and affordable pricing options from the very beginning, so you can proceed based on your budget. Modelry allows you to save time and money to create unmissable 3D content.

Partnering with Modelry is the easiest way to craft a 3D advertising strategy that meets your business goals. Sign up with our Modelry custom 3D model creation portal and explore a new frontier in online marketing.

Discover more and explore use cases with our in-depth whitepaper on immersive 3D ads, or get started with CGTrader straight away.

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Haidi Kelly is the CMO at Modelry. Formerly at WeWork, Haidi loves the challenges the B2B space brings. Excited about the transformative power of digital assets and content in eCommerce, Haidi helps individuals, teams, and companies reach their full potential. In her downtime, she is also a foodie, world traveler, and enjoys live music.

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