Any retailer can now tap into 3D and Augmented Reality solutions for eCommerce at no cost!

We have recently rolled out a free plan for our Digital Asset Management and 3D product visualization platform – Modelry – to help eCommerce and traditional retail companies transition to 3D and Augmented Reality faster.

Working with online retailers from around the world, including Fortune 500 companies like Nike and Shopify, we’ve seen first-hand how quickly brands can increase their on-site engagement, drive up sales and drastically reduce product imagery costs through 3D product visualization and Augmented Reality experiences.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has altered our shopping habits and put eCommerce at the forefront, driving the industry’s already rapid growth to an all-time high of 16.4% of total global retail sales. In the US alone, the eCommerce economy has achieved 10 years’ growth in 3 months. The mass move to digital channels has also forced retailers to face multiple challenges — from quickly adapting their product portfolio to digital offerings to finding ways to cut costs and retain customers.

Over the past few years, we've witnessed an explosion of interest in 3D/AR solutions for eCommerce, which was especially accelerated by the global pandemic,” said Dalia Lasaite, co-founder and CEO of CGTrader. “Our end-to-end 3D visualization platform for retail gives businesses everything they need to bring their products to 3D, including seamless Digital Asset Management system, HD 360° Product Viewer and access to inexpensive 3D modeling and rendering services. Digital product visualizations give brands endless opportunities to inspire, engage and convert customers — it’s the future of eCommerce.

Shopify research shows that using 3D models in Augmented Reality on product pages increases conversion rates by up to 250% and makes shoppers 65% more likely to make a purchase. As more retailers begin to realize the potential of leveraging 3D and Augmented Reality for immersive shopping experiences, we can expect to see a huge shift towards retail digitalization.

We know the demand for high-quality, cost-effective visual content is ramping up as businesses shift to creating digital-first experiences,” said Justas Janciauskas, VP of Sales at CGTrader. “The new generation of savvy digital shoppers has high expectations for online retailers — they want to be delighted with immersive shopping experiences, inspiring product content and high-quality images. The complex logistics of a product photoshoot has always been an expensive nightmare to handle, the pandemic just made it more evident. 3D product visualization allows retailers to generate thousands of photorealistic, multi-use product shots from every angle and at a fraction of the cost. Better still, free access to the Modelry platform allows businesses to embed 3D models with AR-enabled capabilities on their website for no added cost and completely risk-free.
Computer generated imagery (CGI) by CGTrader
Computer generated imagery (CGI) by CGTrader

Fatboy, a Dutch design brand offering indoor and outdoor furniture and home accessories, was one of the first Modelry customers and a champion of 3D product visualization and AR technology in an eCommerce setting. Tom de Vos, eCommerce Director at Fatboy, recalls the brand’s shift to the new strategy:

Modelry has allowed us to accelerate the roll-out of AR with minimal effort and resources and has enabled us to present our full portfolio to customers without having to pay for expensive real estate space.
Fatboy enables its customers to view the products in their homes using Modelry.

The free Modelry plan gives you access to:

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) system: easily organise, manage and share all your digital assets in one central location.
  • 20 GB for 3D model files hosting in the cloud, 3D viewing experiences and DAM.
  • Up to 10,000 monthly views of 3D assets: create interactive product showcase experiences to increase on-site engagement and reduce returns.
  • Web-native Augmented Reality capabilities to display your 3D product models that can be implemented without any additional apps, extensions or coding.
  • QR code generator for your 3D models to easily bring your visitors from desktop or print to AR.
  • 3D Model Viewer integration for any website to allow customers to interact with three-dimensional product images.
  • Seamless access to inexpensive 3D Modeling and Rendering services to generate unlimited high-resolution photorealistic 360 turntable visualizations, interactive 3D viewers and lifestyle scenes from just a few photos.
  • Web-based Quality Assurance system where you can easily compare original reference images with a completed 3D model using a side-by-side view, provide feedback and collaborate with the designer.

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It’s official! We’ve rolled out a free version of Modelry platform

Dalia Lasaite is the CEO and co-founder of CGTrader, the world’s leading provider of 3D content and visualization solutions. Dalia joined the company in 2015 and has been instrumental in growing the CGTrader community, including highly skilled professional 3D designers, which now tops 3.9 million. Outside of the office, Dalia loves spending time mentoring other startups. Experience-led solutions are what CGTrader is built on.

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