Prepare your product portfolio for AR apps and interactive 3D ads with CGTrader’s bespoke 3D model creation service. Our managed service can handle every situation including large-scale projects featuring thousands of 3D models. The process is simple and flexible, putting next-generation marketing within anyone’s reach.

Prepare your modeling strategy before placing an order

The first stage in building a custom 3D model portfolio is proof of concept planning.

What type of 3D models do you require? Do you need a large batch of low poly models that are suited to Augmented Reality applications? Or do you want a higher resolution order featuring photorealistic high poly models to create impressive lifestyle scenes? 

It all depends on what use you have in mind for your models. Each use case has its own unique demands:

Low Poly Models - If you will be displaying your 3D model on an e-commerce site, 3D ad, web 3D viewer or AR app, it might be best to go with a low polygon count model, which comes in GLTF,GLB,USDZ or FBX file formats. This format is not photorealistic, but a highly accurate depiction, perfect for online shopping.

High Poly Models - In some cases, more detail is required, for which a high poly 3D model could apply. For instance, footwear may come in different textures and tones that need to be captured along with basic forms. High poly models can be applied to 360 degree spinners for an interactive experience with a realistic product model. 

Lifestyle scenes - At the top end of the detail scale, photorealistic lifestyle scenes are a great way to showcase products. In this case, 3DS Max built with the VRay render engine is a good option. It caters to the texture, color, and geometric information needed to render high-fidelity 3D images.

AR apps - AR apps tend to use low polygon 3D models and are suited to file formats with excellent web browser compatibility. FBX, GLB, USDZ, and gITF files are a good match for most web or Android AR applications, while USD/USDZ files are well adapted to iOS settings.

Metaverse settings - 3D models for the Metaverse are usually also low poly so that they can be rendered quickly. At the moment, USD and gITF formats are becoming popular due to Nvidia’s backing. They may be good options to ensure future compatibility as the Metaverse expands.

360 spinners - If you want to add a 360 degree spinner to your site or app, 3DS Max files will work well. However, check the compatibility of different platforms before ordering. For instance, the Viar360 VR training system requires FBX files when creating 3D videos.  It’s also worth remembering that Modelry includes the option of converting high to low poly models if needs change – adding extra flexibility to make life easier. 

This can help when building 3D assets for multiple channels. For example, companies might want to create a 3D viewer for their own site, interactive Google ads, and AR content for their smartphone app. Each use case is slightly different, making strong planning essential.

Choose a partner for your 3D modeling task

After planning, choose the right partner for your project. There are several things to think about when doing so, and all need to be taken into account.

  • Scale – Choose a modeling partner that’s skilled at delivering models at scale without compromising on quality or support. With CGTrader’s fast track package you can expect thousands of 3D models to be created on a regular cadence.
  • Accuracy and quality – Not all 3D modeling partners guarantee a blend of speed and quality. However, accuracy is just as important as speed when creating models that deliver value. That’s why CGTrader offers in-house testing as a standard component of the quality assurance (QA) process.
  • Flexibility – 3D models can be applied to AR apps, interactive 3D ads, product viewers, virtual photography and  the Metaverse. Choose a partner that’s skilled in delivering models suited to your requirements. The more publishing and embed capabilities available, the more options you will have as workflows change.
  • Asset Management – Another important aspect to consider is where you store and manage your digital assets from after they are delivered. For anyone trying to create models at scale, a DAM tool is not optional. A DAM tool is necessary to manage and publish thousands of models with ease.
  • Support – Don’t be left alone when ordering 3D at scale. Pick a modeling partner that provides a white glove service at every stage. For instance, CGTrader’s in-house team will provide support when needed. In particular, look out for a quality assurance process, which signals that industry quality standards are upheld to deliver value.

Order the custom 3D models you need

When you’ve selected a partner, it’s time to order 3D assets at scale. No matter how many models are needed, placing an order with CGTrader couldn’t be simpler.

The basic process is as follows.

  • Upload images – Before our modelers can work their magic, clients need to upload reference materials. This includes 2D images of the products being modeled, their dimensions, and views of all angles. With this material, our modelers can create high or low poly models that match client needs down to the smallest detail.
  • Model creation – Modelry allows clients to order 3D at scale and with a quick turnaround. We are equipped with a designer community that is more than five thousand strong and an in-house team to conduct the QA process to ensure that every model meets project specifications.
  • Approval and use – When models are delivered, clients can approve models or request changes. After that, 3D assets are ready for use. Add them to DAM tools, create interactive ads, or launch a ground-breaking AR app. Anything’s possible.

Introducing Modelry 3D modeling service

CGTrader offers two solutions for sourcing 3D at scale. Our marketplace delivers ready-made models for a wide range of projects, while Modelry takes a personalized approach.

Modelry leverages a global network of expert modelers, enabling us to source thousands of 3D assets rapidly and reliably. We are the only partner worldwide that offers a white glove modeling service at scale. Create thousands of models meeting precise specifications, and benefit from in-depth support whenever it’s needed.

Our Digital Asset Management tools make it easy to organize models, handle quality assurance, and launch new campaigns.

Clients own their IP, giving them full control over how assets are used. CGTrader also offers embeddable publishing tools such as AR and 360 viewers, making it easy to launch your 3D assets.

CGTrader’s models are compatible across major publishing platforms, including exclusive rights to publish via Google Swirl and Meta’s Facebook and Instagram platforms. This simplifies the task of delivering interactive ads to social media audiences.

Whether you are building an Augmented Reality (AR) app or converting a catalog from 2D to 3D, Modelry is the best way to source the custom 3D models at scale. Here’s how to start the process.

Explore custom 3D model creation with Modelry

3D modeling has huge potential benefits for today’s eCommerce sellers. Companies reliant on product photography can cut their costs. They can craft customer experiences that go way beyond static listings. And they can even dive into emerging markets in the Metaverse.

Get in touch to learn more or place an order with the CGTrader team. With our help, even the largest product ranges can be turned into interactive 3D assets in no time.

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How to Create Custom 3D Models at Scale

Sarunas Vendelskis is the Head of 3D Modeling at CGTrader. Sarunas is a highly skilled 3D expert with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Besides leading a 3D team and implementing the latest 3D solutions at Modelry, Sarunas loves good food and traveling – and that’s why your journey with our 3D modeling services will be unforgettable.

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