Every Modelry customer has access to our world-class Modelry platform, which includes all the tools needed to request, accept, and manage your digital assets. 

When converting your chosen products into 3D and AR-ready assets, our number one focus is to ensure that the assets delivered are a perfect match for your products. In some cases, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the 3D model and a photograph. 

In order to deliver the very best in quality, the Modelry platform includes an automated QA tool. According to our customers, this is a unique advantage of the platform. Working with a large network of 3D designers to deliver content production at scale, our QA tool ensures a consistent result every time. 

What is Quality Assurance (QA)? 

Quality Assurance (QA) is an essential step in order to prevent mistakes and ensure that the desired level of quality is achieved. In 3D modeling, this step helps to guarantee that the model accurately represents the object but also that the customer is fully satisfied with the result. 

What is the Modelry QA Process?

After passing through an automation stage, every finished model is first reviewed internally by our expert QA team before it is sent to the customer. In some cases, it may undergo several rounds of editing before it is passed to the customer for the final check. 

Thanks to the internal QA stage, customer QA is not always necessary. However, it’s still an important step in giving customers a chance to confirm satisfaction before the job is marked as complete. Especially for customers that want that extra level of assurance and control, customer QA ensures that no detail - no matter how small - is overlooked.     

Customer QA is simple. Any issue is marked directly onto the image with an optional feedback textbox for the designer (see step-by-step guide below). Once QA is complete, the finished product will appear under the ‘My Products’ tab, with filtering options to assist in viewing your finished product catalog.

Summary of Benefits

  • Internal QA eliminates unnecessary extra rounds of edits from customer  
  • Side-by-side comparison of reference images and final 3D model
  • Easily review, accept and start using your products in 3D

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the QA Tool 

Once our automation processes complete verifying and converting files, the QA stage begins. There are two parts: internal QA and an optional customer QA. 

Step 1. Internal QA

  • Our expert internal QA team picks up each model that is submitted to check for errors. 
  • If the QA finds any errors, the designer has to apply them in the 3D model and resubmit the files.
  • The process restarts until the model is approved. 
The model is reviewed internally before it is approved

Step 2. Customer QA

  • Once internal QA is happy with the 3D model submitted by the designer, the model is passed over to the customer for review. 
  • The customer will find these models in Modelry, grouped under ‘Ready for Review’.
Once a model passes internal QA, find it in the righthand side menu under Ready for Review
  • Just like our internal QA team, customers can also review the models and submit any errors they find. 
  • If they are happy with the model, they will approve it. 
Easily review details and feedback for the designer
  • If they spot any issues, they can annotate the issues they find directly on the model or render. 
  • Any issues identified by the customer are first reviewed by our QA specialists before being passed over to the 3D designer.
The issues identified by the client are reviewed by internal QA team before passing it on to the designer

Getting Started with  

Whether you’re converting 10 or 10,000 SKUs, the Modelry engine is a one-stop-shop for all your digital content needs. In addition to content production, it includes a world-class digital asset management (DAM) platform, our comprehensive QA tool, and a free embeddable toolkit.

Anyone can get started with our platform for free - with up to 20GB of 3D model hosting and storage, and up to 10k monthly views. For custom storage and higher view limits, customers can switch to a paid plan from $13/month. You can find all our information on pricing here.

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How to Use Modelry Quality Assurance Tool - And Why You Need It

Paweł Nikiel is a 3D Software Engineering Lead at CGTrader. He brings over a decade of experience in the 3D tech industry, from developing VR & AR startups to building automated, corporate-level CGI pipelines. He's also a contributor to Khronos Group 3D Formats and 3D Commerce working groups. In his spare time, Paweł is an avid skier, hiker, and video games enthusiast.

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