3D and AR product visualization are no longer a trend, thanks to large commerce businesses bringing the usage of such technology to the mainstream. Here are some recent use cases to note.

Puma recently launched an AR try-on app through Snap that allows shoppers to see a pair of sneakers directly on their feet through their devices, making it easier than ever to try before you buy. Nissan used Google Swirl to create 3D banner ads, showcasing features of its futuristic vehicles, boosting engagement by a factor of 8. Amazon applies 3D assets in their marketplace to enhance their customer experience. Customers can interact through a 360 degree viewer which extends to AR - for a true-to-size preview of the product in their own home. Amazon also offers a Showroom feature to create a virtual space where customers can mix and match products online.

But 3D and AR are not exclusive to big players. Smaller companies are embracing 3D technology, seeing it as a natural step towards higher customer engagement and conversions. However, the experience when ordering single 3D models or requesting small batches of 3D models is very different at an enterprise level. With ample resources, including in-house teams and 3D partners to help execute their 3D technology strategy, industry giants experience 3D implementation on a much bigger scale. 

The challenges for those starting off small can be a deterrent from pursuing 3D modeling at all. For instance, approaching a studio or designer can be time consuming and frustrating. The hassle of getting multiple quotes from various designers and then haggle on price slows down the process and may lead to a dead end. When a 3D model is delivered, the quality and accuracy of the model is not guaranteed. And most likely the deliverables will only include the models, and not necessarily include necessary tools to publish on your desired platform, adding an extra layer of complexity to the process.

To bridge this gap in the market, Modelry has created a model ordering solution tailored for small to medium size businesses to order, manage and publish 3D models in a quick, straightforward, and convenient way. 

Anyone can sign up for a free account on the Modelry platform. From the convenience of your device, you can request high quality, 3D models - with embeddable 3D and AR viewers - for a single or small batch order. It comes with a quality assurance process conducted by the CGTrader team, so accuracy is guaranteed. And with an automated quoting system, you get a clear cut, affordable estimate so you can proceed at your own pace, without going over budget. 

What comes with an order on the Modelry platform?

  • Compatibility - We provide 3D model file types that are compatible across platforms and optimized for size limits, such as .gltf .glb .usdz, Meta Platforms, Google Swirl, 3ds, and Max Model with V-Ray render engine.
  • Embeddable 3D and AR viewers - Publish with app-less 3D and AR viewers that provide 360 degree spinnable angles at standard and high resolution.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) - Store and organize all of your 3D models from your Modelry account at no additional cost. 
  • Quality Assurance - our team reviews every 3D model to ensure your deliverables meet our highest standards. 

Starting an order is easy: 

  1. Create an account: Create an account by filling out the blank fields on this page.
  2. 3D Modeling Request: Once you have logged in, click the “+New” button, then click “3D Modeling Request”
  3. Choose a modeling service. Click on one of the three modeling services that matches your publishing needs. 
  4. Upload your references. Upload your images and reference documents then click “Review Order”
  5. Review & Request Estimate. On this “Review & Request Estimate” page, you will see an order summary, quote range, and delivery estimate. Click “Request Estimate”.  A quote will arrive within 24 hours.
  6. Accept your quote. When you accept your quote and pay for your order, your model will go into production.

And that’s it! It takes a few clicks to order a high quality, custom 3D model that comes with all the additional solutions needed to publish on any platform. Successfully transforming your customer experience to drive higher engagement and conversions can happen faster, more affordably, and more conveniently than ever. Create your Modelry account here to get started.

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Order Custom 3D Models On-Demand with the Modelry Platform

Mindaugas Jankauskas is the Chief Product Officer at CGTrader. With a keen interest in product strategy and organizational development, he’s leading the team in building the best AR & 3D product visualization platform. As a science fiction enthusiast, Mindaugas is set on creating an out-of-this-world experience for Modelry customers.

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