Modelry is an easy way to source custom 3D models. Combine speed, simplicity, support and quality to meet e-commerce visualization needs.

We work with expert modelers from across the globe, providing fast turnaround times for bulk and smaller orders. Create detailed models with precise textures and colors, or low poly models for AR apps. Whatever style of 3D model is needed, we can create the right assets.

The process is simple, from beginning to end. Just provide 2D photographs and basic information about the products to model. Customers are delivered models in various formats, and they can manage assets easily via powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools.

Why you should join the 3D revolution

There are plenty of reasons on-demand 3D models accelerate your business strategy and outcomes.

  • 3D models increase conversion rates, delighting customers and enabling them to make informed decisions.
  • Return rates drop significantly as 3D viewers perfectly match products and customer desires.
  • AR apps, 3D viewers and Metaverse locations all boost customer engagement, promoting brand identities and encouraging customer loyalty.
  • 3D models are cheaper to source than traditional 2D photography. Overheads are lower, turnaround is faster, and owners can use models in far more creative ways than standard images.
  • Embracing 3D is a great way to separate brands from the herd. Stand out with interactive 3D ads or apps to place designs inside customers homes. 
  • It’s easier than ever to order 3D online. Modelry puts customers in control, whether they need models for Augmented Reality apps or lifestyle scenes.

Harness the power of 3D modeling with Modelry

Our partners have explored many ways to exploit the potential of custom 3D modeling. For example, use cases include:

Dominating the Metaverse - Modelry is the perfect place to stock up 3D models for your Metaverse store. Host virtual events with catwalks and stages, or entertain visitors with games. Owners can easily combine 3D models with NFTs or translate entire ranges into digital versions ready for Metaverse use.

Finding new angles in the fashion sector – Fashion brands worldwide have embraced 3D. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger have hosted virtual fashion shows featuring 3D versions of their current lines. Nike’s 3D configurators also allow customers to customize purchases before ordering online. 

Adidas and Louis Vuitton use 3D modeling to craft footwear and accessories, saving time, money, and materials. The power of 3D can work for your fashion store too. Whatever you need to showcase, Modelry is the partner for your 3D strategy.

Energizing DTC operations – Direct-to-Consumer selling is tough, but 3D makes life much easier. DTC companies can create immersive Augmented Reality apps that allow customers to place their products in real life situations. 3D viewers can show off products from any angle, while customers can visualize products via virtual fitting rooms and showrooms. 

With the help of 3D, customers can make well-informed decisions every time. More information and the freedom to customize purchases boosts trust and customer engagement while significantly reducing return rates.

Boosting manufacturing efficiency – 3D technology makes decision making for manufacturers more streamlined than ever. Footwear giant Puma provides a great example. The German company has partnered with Modelry to create hundreds of digital prototypes. These models offer buyers a vast selection of options when ordering Puma footwear, reducing production costs and promoting sales.

That’s not all. When designers want to refine designs, 3D is also there to help. Design teams can send 3D models straight to Puma’s factories for instant production. There’s no need for physical prototypes, and the process keeps material waste to an absolute minimum.

Make 3D modeling easy with Modelry

CGTrader makes ordering self service 3D models as simple as possible.

When you order 3D online, the process is fast and intuitive, featuring seamless transitions from ordering to publishing. Rapid delivery times remove the stress from urgent projects. And powerful DAM tools let you manage 3D assets across multiple channels and platforms.

Quality control is integrated into the system, guaranteeing optimal outcomes. Assets are ready for cross-platform deployment, from Facebook to eCommerce stores. And all IP created via Modelry is owned by clients, who enjoy complete control over the process at every stage.

Request an instant quote today, and discover the power of custom 3D models with Modelry.

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The Benefits of Using Modelry for Custom 3D Models

Haidi Kelly is the CMO at Modelry. Formerly at WeWork, Haidi loves the challenges the B2B space brings. Excited about the transformative power of digital assets and content in eCommerce, Haidi helps individuals, teams, and companies reach their full potential. In her downtime, she is also a foodie, world traveler, and enjoys live music.

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