Transform your commerce with AR & 3D product visualization

Retailers, manufacturers and product brands use Modelry to generate photorealistic 3D product content at scale.

Feed in 2D images, get 3D models – it's that simple!

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The all-in-one platform makes the transition to 3D product visualization fast and seamless for:

Publishing 3D & AR assets

Generate 3D visuals at scale, deploy in minutes

Experience 3D automagic

Whether you need 50 or 5,000 photorealistic 3D models, it’s all the same to us. Our automated 3D delivery pipeline ensures you get top-notch quality product visuals in unbeatable turnaround times.

Creative freedom with 3D product visualization

Enjoy swift time-to-market speeds with all your omnichannel campaigns: deploy 3D assets seamlessly across all platforms and customer touchpoints – from virtual showrooms and configurators to product pages and marketing channels.

Create compelling shopping experiences that give customers more reasons to buy

Immersive product content boosts conversion rate by up to 50%. Increase consumer engagement and purchasing confidence to drive more revenue, all in one platform.

Interactive 3D visuals

360° product views

Detail and angle shots

Web-native AR

Visual configurators

Lifestyle scenes

Open in AR
Open in AR
Scan the QR code for Augmented Reality

Reduce returns by helping shoppers make better-informed buying decisions

With AR-powered try-before-you-buy product visualizations, you’re able to create a better version of in-store shopping – but online. Bring your product design to life and help customers quickly learn about a product’s key parameters, such as true-to-scale size, detail, and fit.

Any way we can reduce the amount of returns we receive helps us achieve our sustainability goals. With CGTrader’s 3D & AR tools, we can give customers the confidence and reassurance they need that items will look great in their home before they see them in person.

— Lauren Meichtry, Founder @ Elsie Home

Set the scene, spotlight your products' visual appeal and drive more sales

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