Use Cases:

Reimagine your furniture marketing with 3D product visualization

Send conversion rates soaring by 50% with 3D

Create a more convenient and engaging shopping experience with interactive product displays, such as 3D viewers, 360 product spins, and view-in-room functionality.

Users convert faster when they can interact with your products in real-time, in their own space, and on any device.

Learn more about limitless 3D product visualization.

Save up to 6x with 3D Virtual Photography

No more expensive furniture photoshoots or complex logistics. Place 3D models of your products in any scene – real or imagined – and generate compelling product content without ever needing to step into a studio.

See examples of lifestyle scenes designed in 3D.

Reduce returns by helping shoppers avoid bad purchases

Give customers greater confidence about the size, look, and quality of your products by leveraging augmented shopping solutions.

Bonus: turn your website into a 24/7 sales rep... empower shoppers to find product-related answers on their own – and speed up buying decisions.

Learn more about Augmented Reality for eCommerce.

Let customers experience your products in a brand new way

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Live demo:
Wooden Chair
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Live demo:
Bistro Chair
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Live demo:
3d rotate
Live demo:
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Live demo:

Organize and store your digital assets all in one place

Everything you need to easily store, manage and distribute all your 3D files and assets.

Request new 3D modeling services directly from the free Modelry DAM platform.

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Modelry has a very robust 3D model revision platform, where you can upload the 3D model, point to certain things, and say “fix this, fix that”. I think that is a game-changer in this space, instead of emails or me having it to bring in Photoshop and point to certain things. That was really well done. And you have AR built directly into the platform, which is really nice because you can start to look at the use case of how you actually have it. - Vince Lebon, Founder, CEO, and Designer at Rollie Nation


We’ve known that Modelry were experts in the 3D model industry as they’ve established their leadership in the 3D model marketplace. Therefore, based on their many years of experience it was a no-brainer to get in contact and see if we could work together. - Buster & Punch

buster & punch

A single freelancer is really good for one or two shoes, but as we were looking to scale-up our projects and create more digital assets, this can only be done with a scalable organization like CGTrader. - Josef Trojan, 3D Designer Sportstyle Footwear, PUMA


The cost is a no-brainer. If you take the unit cost of 3D and amortize it from the initial vision through sampling, shipping, and finally, eCommerce, it’s a huge cost saving. So the return on investment is very easy to justify. - David McKenzie, Head of Design Sportstyle Footwear, PUMA


Modelry takes the hassle out of 3D modeling.
Order, review, and publish from one simple platform.

Modelry’s self service tool for 3D modeling gives you everything you needto deliver online shopping experiences fit for 21st century customers.